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Nova Terra Remote is een universele afstandsbediening voor Windows 10 en is verkrijgbaar via de app stores van Apple en Google. De voertaal van de app is in het Engels. Via deze site vind je informatie over Nova Terra Remote, Downloads en Support.

​Nova Terra Remote is a universal remote control for Windows 10 and is available through the Apple and Google app stores. Through this site you will find information about Nova Terra Remote, Downloads and Support.


There can be a myriad of situations when you are just not sitting behind your Windows 10 PC. A remote control comes in handy for certain functions. The Nova Terra Remote app functions as a Wi-Fi remote control for your Windows PC.



To make Nova Terra Remote work you need:

- Android or iOS mobile phone

- PC with WiFi connectivity

- Nova Terra Base app installed on Windows 10 PC

- Nova Terra Remote app installed on phone or tablet.


Install the Nova Terra Remote app on your phone and connect with the Nova Terra Base app on your PC. After an easy setup you start controlling your Windows PC over WiFi from your tablet or phone.



In case you experience technical difficulties setting up Nova Terra Remote please visit the Nova Terra Main & Support page or jump directly to our Installation Advice & Troubleshooting page which contains a list of potential problems. 

Nova Terra Main & Support page

Installation Advice & troubleshooting page


Ga remote met je marketing

Je eigen marketingkanaal, klanten bij je business betrekken door je merk bij je doelgroep te brengen? Zet je marketing op remote control. Met Nova Terra Remote leg je de basis.

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