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Installation advice & troubleshooting

Installing the latest Nova Terra Base


Some antivirus software blocks installers from installing software based on internal rules. On Windows 10, Microsoft Defender offers a robust real-time protection. It can detect some files and applications as threats when you know they are not. However, if this ever happens, the default protection built into Windows 10 includes an option to review and allow the file or application on your device. When asked or suggested you have to allow to continue your installation of Nova Terra Base on your PC.

We would like to emphasize that the installation components of Nova Terra Base have only to do with the Nova Terra Remote functionality you're trying to download and install. You will not obtain browser toolbars, adware, potentially unwanted programs or certain other junkware. 

That having been said, we advise downloading the most recent version of Nova Terra Base for your Windows 10 PC from this site.

Download Nova Terra Base

-> Install, set your Username and Password and go to the Nova Terra Remote app.

Connect Nova Terra Remote app with Base

You will find the Nova Terra Base app on your screen or in the system tray of your PC. Make sure your PC and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If asked, confirm that you allow your device to search for the Base app.

-> Enter your IP address and Username. Enter your password and save in your phone app and you are good to go. 

-> You can also allow access to your camera to scan the QR code from settings in the PC Base app to get the IP address information needed to connect with your device.  

Remember that functions of the Nova Terra Base app, especially navigation keys, are intended to work from your remote device on your current screen! Just launch a browser on your windows PC and start navigating with Nova Terra Remote from your phone. 




Nova Terra Remote installation is straightforward. Connect your phone with your PC using your private Wi-Fi network while entering the correct login details. Complete the Base app installation proces on your Windows PC and in case of security alerts give permission and continue. When asked in the Remote app, you have to allow remote connections to your PC. If information is entered correctly Nova Terra Remote starts as a charm.

That being said we gladly offer some troubleshooting tips in case of login or connection issues.

What do you do when the IP address is not found or you get an invalid user name/password message or when you experience connection issues?

  • First try again entering the same username and password that you have entered in the Base app. Make sure you save the Phone login details in the Base app too. Anytime you change your username and password in the Base app, you have to update the Remote app with the new details.

  • When you first connect to a Wi-Fi network in Windows 10 you can set it as a private network. Your PC is discoverable to other devices on the network, and you can use Nova Terra Remote to connect with the Base app on your local PC.

  • Make sure your PC and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Your IP address starts in most cases with 192.168.x.x which means it is your private network (or sometimes it starts with 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x).

  • Enter 192.168.x.x:9731/tiles into your internet browser to access your PC. Make sure it is the IP address from the PC where the Base app is installed (please don’t type ‘.x.x’). When you get the message error 401, message not allowed, you know at least your phone sees your PC.

  • Enable Nova Terra Remote on Windows Firewall if this is not the case yet. Perhaps there is something else blocking communication between your remote device and your PC like anti-virus software?

  • Sometimes all it takes to fix a bad connection is to restart your device.

  • Just reinstall Nova Terra Base on your PC and Nova Terra Remote on your phone following the three simple steps. Use the latest versions here from our website.

Recommended software

Whenever Nova Terra Remote works in conjunction with other useful applications or extensions, we do regularly test this software. If we find it clean and working well, we will recommend this software. 

Kingpin browser

Extensions for Firefox

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UBlock Origin



Extensies for Chrome

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Extensions for Edge


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