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Thank you for considering using our apps. This statement explains the personal information we process and for what purposes when you use the Nova Terra Base app installed on your Windows 10 PC, in conjunction with the Nova Terra Remote app installed on your phone or tablet.

Personal data we do collect and process:

We process your personal data with your consent whenever you interact with us. Or to complete a transaction or provide any product or service you have requested. Information you provide us can be used to improve our service. 


Personal or other data we do not collect:

  • Any personal information through our apps 

  • Usage information, including crash logs or usage statistics

  • Information about devices, IP address or internet browsers used

  • Collect information about the location of your devices

  • User cookies and/or other web tracking technology


Downloading, installing or using one or both apps indicates that you have read this statement and consent to its terms. If you do not consent to the terms of this Nova Terra Remote Application Privacy Statement, do not proceed to download, access, or otherwise use these apps. 
Your personal information will be deleted when it is no longer needed to provide our services associated with these apps.



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