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Windows Remote Control for browser navigation & privacy


Sometimes it’s easier to start things just using your phone instead of your mouse. Also, a remote control can come in handy for certain tasks when you are not sitting behind your PC. Nova Terra Remote works as a Wi-Fi remote control for your Windows PC. Nova Terra Remote works as a remote control for your Windows PC in your Wi-Fi local network.

Nova Terra Remote


Nova Terra Remote turns your smartphone or tablet into a Wi-Fi remote control for your Windows 10 PC for a variety of tasks: 


  • Logging out of your Windows 10 device 

  • Bringing up a password-protected screen saver 

  • Shutdown your PC after leaving your desk 

  • Lock your desktop remotely (Windows key + L) 

  • Toggling between screen on and off 

  • Browsing through different websites from a near distance 

  • Using navigation keys to move around in webpages or documents

What's new

We have added a menu interface to the Windows 10 system tray app for testing purposes.

Easy install & use

What you need:

  • Android or iOS mobile phone

  • PC with WiFi connectivity

  • Nova Terra Base app installed on Windows 10 PC

  • Nova Terra Remote app installed on phone or tablet


Simply install the Nova Terra Base app on your Windows PC and connect with the Nova Terra Remote app on your phone.


After setup you start controlling your Windows PC over WiFi from your tablet or phone. 

Download Nova Terra Base App



Usage examples

  • Nova Terra Remote provides a way to secure your PC from a distance as long as you are in the same network. 

  • Browsing content through multiple web pages with Nova Terra Remote, is like watching TV and jumping from channel to channel. 

  • Switch between websites during a class presentation or draw the attention of your students to you by remotely turning off the PC screen.

  • A standard keyboard or mouse can pose difficulties for some people. Interacting with your computer via a tablet or phone might prove beneficial.

  • Expand the navigation of your smartboard presentation capabilities by remotely browsing content and switching between websites.


Terms of use

Nova Terra Remote is free of charge only for personal use. We hope you enjoy using it.


If your business can benefit from having a mobile app like Nova Terra Remote to provide value to your customers, build a stronger brand or connect better with your audience, please contact us for further inquiries and license information. 


Both the Nova Terra Remote and Base app are provided “as is”. Any use of these apps is at your own risk and account.


Some functions of the Base app won’t work proper on your PC device. Because they are intended to work on your current screen, with the Nova Terra Remote app!


Turn your phone into a remote control in minutes


Download and install the Nova Terra Base app on Windows 10 PC

Save login details in     settings

149-cog 32.png


 Get the Nova Terra app for iOS or Android



 Enter login details in      settings, 

save and connect with PC
via Wi-Fi

149-cog 32.png


The use of the Nova Terra Remote apps is at the users discretion and risk and with the agreement that no other than the user is in command and therefore responsible for possible damage to the computer or loss of data for reasons that this can only result from activities of the user.

Introduction & Feedback 


It goes without saying that we are open to improvements. Please use our feedback form to share your questions, issues and suggestions. We do appreciate your feedback.

Nova Terra Remote Introduction Page & Feedback Form

Privacy Statement

Nova Terra Remote Application Privacy Statement

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