Nova Terra Remote is een universele afstandsbediening voor Windows 10 en is op uitnodiging verkrijgbaar via de app stores van Apple en Google. De voertaal van de app is in het Engels. Via deze site vind je informatie over Nova Terra Remote, Downloads en Support.




A remote control comes in handy for certain tasks when you are just not sitting behind your Windows 10 PC. Nova Terra Remote turns your smartphone into a remote WiFi control for your Windows PC for a variety of tasks. Such as locking your PC from any location within the range of your WiFi network. Nova Terra Remote provides ways for you to secure your PC remotely as long as you are in the same network.

Nova Terra Remote acts as a basic remote control. While it can do some useful actions like opening an app or starting a website, you can use the power of the app by tweaking and customize the interface for your own purposes.

What's new

We have added an interface to the Windows 10 system tray app. Sometimes it’s easier to start things just using your phone instead of your mouse. Keep in mind that some functions are intended to work remote-only.


Easy install & use

What you need:

  • Android or iOS mobile phone

  • PC with WiFi connectivity

  • Nova Terra Base app installed on Windows 10 PC

  • Nova Terra Remote app installed on phone or tablet.


Simply install the Nova Terra Remote app on your phone and connect with the Nova Terra Base app on your PC. After setup you start controlling your Windows PC over WiFi from your tablet or phone. 

Download Nova Terra Base App

Tweak and customize

Tweak and customize the interface for your own purposes like:

  • Starting up a collection of daily tasks before you are in range of your keyboard

  • Activating system tools or executing automated routines

  • Starting a browser or a third party tool with specific command line switches

  • Enabling automated browser actions or executing comprehensive scripts


A personal license is for private individuals for their own use at home on multiple machines.


A business license is for business entities and organizations. Business licenses can be used by any single person within the organization at work as well as at home.

A business license also offers enterprise options such as automated browser actions, advanced privacy controls and customization.


Turn your phone into a remote control in minutes


Download and install the Nova Terra Base app on Windows 10 PC




 Get the Nova Terra app for iOS or Android


 Connect phone to PC via Wi-Fi


The use of the Nova Terra Remote apps is at the users discretion and risk and with the agreement that no other than the user is in command and therefore responsible for possible damage to the computer or loss of data for reasons that this can only result from activities of the user.